What is this forum about? (READ!)

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What is this forum about? (READ!) Empty What is this forum about? (READ!)

Post  NuckChorris on Tue May 31, 2011 2:42 pm

the purpose of this forum is to help organize the members in a way that is more dependable than guild chat. this will also be the place to have info on events or just regular discussions between the members.

RULES affraid
dont be afraid. the only rules of this forum are the regulars:

1. nothing illegal
2. no trolling (unless youre in the Trolling forum)
3. no asking for promotions (with the ONLY exception of a SINGLE post in the Ranks forum under Diplomacy)
4. no impersonating
5. no bad language (crap and damn are fine)
6. nothing porn-like
7. nothing infected virus-wise
8. *MODS* no abusing the ban hammer. i know, i get temptations too Crying or Very sad

If youre in the Trolling forum, all rules apply except you are excused from rules 2, 5, and 6. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ALL WHO GO IN!

disobey and face the ban hammer Evil or Very Mad

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